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Clients Testimonials

"As someone who has had very poor eyesight...this really is lifechanging"

- Nicholas Bird

"I am very pleased with the Arnott Eye Associates practice and the way they dealt with me"

- YH (patient)

"Dear Mr Packard, it took more than one and a half years effort and a lot of pain to recover from the eye disease, but thanks to you my vision has enormously improved."

- JF (patient)

"I would like to thank you ... for your expert care and attention. I really do appreciate your advice and kindness."

- AR (patient)

"Please would you pass on my profound thanks to Mr Bowman and let him know that he has made one anxious mother feel considerably better!"

- AL (patient's mother)

"I underwent Lasik eye surgery in 2000 in Capetown and had enjoyed ten years of 20/20 vision but in 2011 my vision started to deteriorate - even wearing contact lens and glasses. I worried about driving at night - even more worrying, I couldn't see where I hit my golf ball!

I contacted an old friend of mine in Melbourne, Australia who is a top eye surgeon there and asked for a recommendation and he put me in touch with Richard Packard. After some tests Mr. Packard had no problem in diagnosing that both my eyes had cataracts. After getting my pre-op prescription from South Africa Mr Packard was able to order the correct lens and I underwent surgery on both eyes at the Wellington Hospital a week later.

It was very similar to the Lasik surgery. No injections, just a series of eye drops which dilated the pupils and anaesthetised the eyes. You walk to the operating theatre fully dressed, I didn't even take my shoes off. Five minutes later you are lying with a small paper sheet over your face in which a hole has been cut to expose the eye which they are going to treat. A supply of oxygen under the sheet is a welcome addition.

Forty minutes later both eyes were done - 15 minutes each eye and a small break in the middle. The worst bit is keeping your eye trained on the bright light which seems to move, the best bit is when the yellow eye drops go in (that means it is all over!).

I was wheeled back down to the reception ward where a nice cup of tea was waiting. My vision was blurry but by the following morning and after some eyedrops this cleared and I could see.

A week later I saw Mr. Packard again and he confirmed my eyes had been restored to 20/20 vision.

So I can't say the operation has improved my golf but at least I can see where the ball has gone. Only problem now is that when I look in the mirror I can see all my wrinkles!"

- Beverley Burne February 2013

"I had cataract surgery less than three months ago and it has given me a new outlook on life in every sense of the word.  I had worn glasses since a toddler and had a squint in my right eye, which fortunately my thick-lensed spectacles corrected.  Contact lenses, which I wore for some time, were never entirely satisfactory for me as I was unable to use soft lenses.  Now, to my continuing astonishment, I can look out of my kitchen window and read the license plate on a car drawn up close to a house across the street.  The squint is gone too.  I need glasses for reading, but then I am that age, and, as my husband used to say, life is imperfect - but very much more perfect than before!

The staff at Arnott Eye Associates are professional and friendly and I appreciated the wide range of up-to-date magazines and newspapers in the waiting room.  Various scans and examinations took place both before and after the surgery and Mr Richard Packard, who became my surgeon, gave me every confidence that all would be well.  I was awake for the surgery and there was very little pain.

The Wellington Hospital is spacious, spotless and hi-tech and I was no sooner back from surgery than my breakfast arrived.  The menu choice was very wide and I had frequent competent attention from nursing staff.  After an hour or so I was taken down (wearing my sunglasses) to the cafe.  I waited happily for my pick-up, drinking a cappuccino and listening to Radio 4 with earphones.  The vision was blurred at first, but half way through the hour journey home it was already clearing.  The whole thing is a modern miracle in my opinion."

- Kay Kinnear February 2013

"I was very short-sighted and diagnosed with ‘slow-burning cataracts’ some 10 years ago.  I gradually began to have difficulty reading print with glasses or contact lenses and was struggling with bright lights in the street at night. 

In August 2012 I felt I could hardly see and so consulted Richard Packard at Arnott Eye Associates (having been a patient of the practice for some 40 years with a previous history of retinal detachments which were brilliantly dealt with by the founder, Eric Arnott) who knew that it was time for my cataracts to be dealt with.  All the necessary pre-op tests were undertaken smoothly and within 3 days I had both eyes operated on at the same time.  I had no idea what the procedure would be like, but once at the hospital I did not worry at all.  I was able to hold my head still with no problem and there was a 10 minute break between the 2 eyes – it was unbelievable.

My vision was initially blurred but within a few hours of returning home when watching TV my vision came back into focus and when I woke the next morning it was a new world.

The one thing I would say to people is that you may well get a shock when you look in the mirror or see people you know well after you have had the surgery as everybody will look older!"

- Rajsinh Rajpipla

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